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Share Prize 2014

The SHARE jury of Jasmina Tesanovic, Irini Papadimitriou, Bruce Sterling and Luca Barbeni have selected six entries for “Autonomous”:
Simone Rebaudengo & Matthieu Cherubini (CH, IT), Ethical Things, 2015, LIA (AT), Filament Sculptures, 2014, Stefan Tiefengraber (AT), User Generated Server Destruction, 2013, Agustina Andreoletti and Alice Rzezonka (AR,DE), Reflective Conversion, 2014, Paidia Insitute (DE), Paidia Laboratory: feedback, 2011-2014, Ralph Kistler (DE), Social Netwalks, 2012.

Exhibition Share Prize 2014/2015 AUTONOMOUS
19 march – 29 marzo
Temporary Museum Corso Verona 15/C, Turin, Italy

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Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

6th Term Residence Artist
From January - March 2015, Seoul, South Korea.

A global art space of creativity and an international residence for multi-art projects. Remodeled from an old printing house, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon is an idea factory aiming at an international artists residency and collaborative project studios to facilitate global and local aesthetic encounters.

The Idea Factory offers a space for artistic activities and an International Exchange Program to artists, while offering art workshop programs for the local members of the community. By implementing the global-local approach Seoul Art Space Geumcheon will grow into an international art space.

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Arquitectura: Lenguajes Fílmicos "Perspectivas comunes"

La nueva edición de "Arquitectura: Lenguajes Fílmicos", se organiza en colaboración con el proyecto expositivo "¿Cuánta tierra necesita un hombre?" comisariada por Oier Etxeberria en el Centro de Recursos Medio Ambientales de Cristina Enea.

11 de octubre
11:00 "La comuna de Otto Muehl en Canarias: Accionismo Vienés y experiencia turística". A cargo de Ralph Kistler.
13:00 Visita a la exposición "¿Cuánta tierra necesita un hombre?"

Centro de Recursos Medio Ambientales de Cristina Enea,
Paseo Duque de Mandas, 66. 20012 Donostia-San Sebastián

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Waterpieces Festival

Screencity Lab "City as a contest" will be screened at the Waterpieces Festival ( 15/08/2014, 7:30 pm - Peldosais Makslas Centrs "NOASS")

The video program "City as Context" is a selection of international short movies based on the concept of city as a medium and context for video content.

The 14th International Contemporary and Video Art Festival “Waterpieces” organised by Culture and Arts Project “NOASS”, this year coincides with the Riga City Festival and runs from August 15 – 17. Festival “Waterpieces” is one of the key annual events for moving image and digital arts culture in Latvia, celebrating the intersection of film and music, and bringing a wide spectrum of the best local and international animation, video and installation art to its audience.

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Paradiseator (installation)

The Paradiseator is an image mixing console with an industrial retro look. By combining open source technology with the legacy of Dada and Fluxus the user of the apparatus can choose among 486 cliché pictures and arrange them according to his personal paradise gaze.

This action dissects the promised metalife and reassembles it in a weird way. An ambiguous hyperreality questions in a playful and ironic way the creation of consumer needs and their influence on the perception of the world.

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PhD Thesis


The text can be downloaded HERE for free on the website of the University of La Laguna

The settlement of a utopian community in Gomera in 1987 evidences the connection between the artistic ideas of the radical avant-garde of the sixties and the universal tourism model of the late modernity. The holiday resort of El Cabrito was the last stage of this commune, founded in Vienna in the early seventies by the Viennese Actionism artist, Otto Muehl.

El asentamiento de una comunidad utópica en la Gomera en 1987 evidencia el nexo entre las ideas artísticas de la vanguardia radical de los años sesenta y la generalización del modelo turístico en la tardomodernidad. La sede vacacional de la finca El Cabrito fue el escenario final de esta comuna, fundada en Viena a principios de los años setenta por el artista del Accionismo Vienés, Otto Muehl.

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Paradiseator (video)

The experimental video works with nearly 500 images refering to stereotypes of paradise.
The yearning associated with this allegory of a happy and carefree life is the ideal background to promote consumerism in a world of experience and lifestyle.

The Paradiseator is a machine that mixes all ingredients together. The supposed paradise is torn to pieces, dissected and finally reassembled in a weird way. An ambiguous overstimulation with surreal images questions the creation of consumer needs and their influence on the perception of the world.

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Piedra y Cielo

Revista de poesía, arte y pensamiento,
II época, núm. 7,
julio-septiembre de 2014

Máquinas, sombras, idea: Ralph Kistler
An interview with Alejandro Krawietz and Francisco León

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