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Installation, torch lights, electronics, stencils, metal structure, variable dimensions, 2019

Hurdles is a kind of simple film loop machine. The stencil cut out the light beam of the flashlight and projects the silhouette like a light-shadow on the wall. Connected to an Arduino with additional electronic circuit, each flashlight fires for a short moment. The continuous loop of flashes create the illusion of a moving image. The work is inspired by the first Eadweard Muybridge films.

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installation view

Electronic Circuit, an old Arduino 2009 conected with transistors to control the flashlights. It is possible to control the velocity of the loop. There is also a kind of "adjust mode" to switch on and of every flashlight. The LED flashlights are driven by an 3V power adaptor.

First sketches of the work

Preparing all the components. A lot of pieces and hundreds of screws were necessary as flashlights as well as stencils need several adjust options to project exactly at the same area on the wall.

The stencils were cut out at the Fablab of the University of LaLaguna. Thanks!!