Leisure Industry _ The making of

about 500 hours of working, about 300 kilos, about 1000 pieces
.... and only 2 months to finish the work.

the work nearly finished with my transport boxes on the floor

it fits in the space for 2 cm!!

magic moments... Last testing in my workshop during the night

first test with running wheels....YIPIEEE!!!

LED´s testing , Leds and resistors were soldered without PCB to give them a look as little spotlights like in a football stadion

the electronic circuit with an Atmega 16 and a L293 for the 120 ultrabright LED´s

some exmples of the illuminated photo sequences (Las VIstas Beach, Los Cristianos and Playa San Juan (under construction)) The sequences were taken with a 1080 HD video camera in 9:16 :)

this was after putting the first coat of painting. This image is on backside of the CAAM newspaper

first time fitted together.

to make a wheel as round as possible, all the design was drawn to a wood and the soldered