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(Traffic Circle)
Multimedia Installation, 4.30m x 0.5m x 2.35 m
mixed media, 2011

Double projector made of metal structure, CNC cut acrylic glass circles, windscreen wiper motors, old slides projectors, 2 x 120 slides, Ultra bright 100W LEDs and DIY electronic.

The installation is inspired by the operating mode of an antique phenakistoscope, but instead of small observation slits, a photo diode reads the information of the passing by images, and emits to a micro-controller this information. Two wheels with two metres of diameter are carrying each 120 slides. During the rotation of the wheels, the passing by slides will be flashed with the micro-controller for 0,8 milliseconds by an ultra bright 100W LED. Lenses of old slide projectors make it possible to project the image on the wall nearby the installation. The result is a rudimentary film projection that projects two 10-seconds film loops of a highway in Tenerife/Canary Island. The slide circles separate the two carriageways.


Kreisverkehr / Traffic Circle Video

Please note that the flashes of the LEDs take only 0,8 ms of time. A video takes 25 images/sec, that means it takes 40ms to get each picture. So it happens, that the video doesn´t capture the projection completely.