FlipWheels -making of

Making of

The principle idea of the work is to make a kind of mechanical Flipbook. The exhibiton was related to the ninety birthday of the Bauhaus and their works of toys and theater production.

First sketches of the proposal:

Working process:

The inicial PCB with an Atmega8 to control the buttons and the motors

the test, how the images will be fixed to the wheel. Therefore I need 1200 screws

and had to drill 2400 holes

the plastic elements, that will fix the plastified papers are bought in an office shop

checking the size.....

some fotos of the handmade gearwheels

some tests with mate or glossy laminates....

and size checking...

the filmsequence will be around 10 seconds, with 100 images on each wheel

The used filmloops are taken from old C64 computer games:
"Weird Dreams"
"Samurai Warrior"
"Great Giana Sisters"

Foto of the 300 printed, cutted, laminated and again cutted images....

Some images of the construction realised in Weimar at the workshop of Wolf Groß

The last revision of the electronic and the software at the Bauhaus Universtiy Weimar, one day before the opening.