In "Sunburst", the sunrays shown are derived from climate anomalies of selected countries from 1850 to the present. The mean annual temperature anomaly is generated as a sunburst graph. The sunburst mirror, a decorative object meant to bring a bit of hubris and divinity into the home, subtly becomes an ominous warning of a turning point in history. The reflected image of ourselves is no longer framed by golden rays of sunlight, but by anthracite climate data.

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The Bunker Series

An ongoing series of parametric sculptures made of 3mm and 4mm corten steel. By strictly following the computer generated cell structure, the bunkers often look surprisingly strange and brutalist, out of proportion and form, like an improvised and randomly grown construction.

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The tower consists of 24 floors that cover the entire area at the bottom and taper upwards into two towers. Each level consists of an organic-looking shape created by an algorithm. The higher the structure grows, the more fragile and permeable the individual levels become, and the formerly solid structure of the base dissolves more and more as it rises.

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La Gran Experiencia

La comuna de Otto Muehl
en La Gomera

Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-84-946891-1-6

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