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The Bunker Series

Bunker (2204_17), 3 mm corten steel, Dimensions: 58 cm x 55 cm x 130 cm, 2022

The Bunker Series are corten steel sculptures at the intersection of art and architecture. The complex organisation of cells links in a way to a natural or archaic culture, but their broken surface structure could even be associated with modern stealth technology. However, it is evident to discern a kind of abandoned bunker or shelter. The corroded walls and the dark empty interior spaces are generating an uncomfortable feeling for the observer: the fortress seems to keep an unknown history of conflict, confrontation or desperate struggle to defend the finally disappeared colony against an enemy.

The Bunker Series reflects the new global situation where our societies are exposed to a permanent state of exception and threats: financial crisis, pandemic, belligerent actions and the climate change as inevitable menace for the human race have terminated with the carefree hedonism of the nineties and the first decade of the new millennium.

Bunker (2204_03), 3 mm corten steel, Dimensions: 57 cm x 40 cm x 97 cm, 2022

All Bunkers are build with the same algorithm but with different parameters. Although quite different in their final aspect and complexity, they share the same principles. By strictly following the computer generated cell structure, the bunkers often look surprisingly strange and brutalist, out of proportion and form, like an improvised and randomly grown construction.

Bunker (2204_08), 3 mm corten steel, Dimensions: 103 cm x 68 cm x 50 cm, 2022

Bunker (2204_10), 3 mm corten steel, Dimensions: 52 cm x 17 cm x 42 cm, 2022

Bunker (2204_11), 3 mm corten steel, Dimensions: 23 cm x 22 cm x 98 cm, 2022

Bunker (2204_17), 4 mm corten steel, Dimensions: 54 cm x 78 cm x 151 cm, 2023
under construction