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Interactive Installation, 2,10 m x 0,90 m x 1,55 m, mixed media, 2018

Summary (3 min):

Internet of Shrimps examines in an ironic and playful way the industries´ promises for an enhanced experience in a completely interconnected smart home, often be acclaimed as the next big technological revolution: the Internet of Things.

The installation consists of a touch screen to choose out of six related topics and a table full of different objects. After one subject has been selected, a video shows the host interacting synchronously with different real apparatuses that are distributed around his home screen. Inspired by the often weak sales arguments, Internet of Shrimps proposes an ambiguity vision of the benefits being permanently connected with everything. The host demonstrates proudly his lighting installation, takes sugar drinks, interacts with his kitchenware, activates his surveillance system, keeps battling with his communication center or sings while being accompanied by his Karaoke Machine. The Smart Home turns into a kind of Rube Goldberg Machine between the virtual person on the screen and the physical objects around.

Internet of shrimps is programmed in p5.js and runs in a web browser. Connected through a serial connection, the script analyzes the actual time position of the video and sends the information to a microcontroller that triggers synchronously the actions on the table.

Complete Documentation (8 min) :

“Internet of Shrimps” was developed during the 6th Term Residence Artist of the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, South Korea.