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Salto Mortale

mixed media, videoloop, variable dimensions. 2007

Salto Mortale, Documentation Video (no sound)
Shown at "Hello Hackability",PIKSEL 07, Bergen Norway (2007) and "25ft", IES Cabrera Pinto, Tenerife, Spain (2008)

The project has been selected for the PIKSEL07 festival en Bergen/Norway

foto 3.14 Gallery, Norway


This video installation is possible by combining video projection with physical computing.

The projected image is divided in five parts. A static mirror reflects the hands, two moveable mirrors with step motors amplify the jumps of the persons and two little light spots are illuminating the light sensitive resistors.
The light spots in the video are responsible for controlling the movements of the mirrors and synchronizing the movement of the video-image and the mirror.

This was still a preview.
published june 2007

This is the definitive board with the motor drivers and an Atmega16 microcontroller

This is a screenshot of the video editing with the FLOSS Cinelerra. Complicate but possible.

And here are some pics of the definitive hardware: